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UClimb are an award-winning and top-rated SEO agency based in Manchester. We increase your sales revenue by driving targeted organic traffic to your website.


UClimb is a leading SEO agency based in central Manchester, helping businesses rank high on search engines.

Our SEO services include: keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO/link-building, content creation, local SEO, penalty removal, SEO audits, and more.

Our experts work on boosting your site’s reputation and visibility, and have earned many 5 star reviews and awards.

Based near Manchester Piccadilly Station, we’re ideally placed for clients in the Greater Manchester and across north west England.

Our Manchester Focus

Many of our clients have a Manchester focus and require an SEO agency well versed in the specifics of this region, and with enough skill to rank them for highly competitive search terms.

We understand the rich industrial heritage of the city – in fact the first industrialised city in the world – and we have the passion and skill needed, to help you make it to the top on the search engines.

We help larger firms to rank throughout Greater Manchester, and local businesses to rank in their own specific region for a more focused and lower-cost campaign.

So whether you’re looking to rank in Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, or Bolton –  or want to appear in searches across the entire Greater Manchester region – we have the experience and expertise to assist you.

Our Services

We’re here to boost your online presence, ensuring your business stands out in the bustling digital landscape. Here’s a quick overview of the main SEO services we offer to Manchester businesses:

In-depth SEO Audits

Our in-depth SEO audits take into account the nuances of your business, your competition, and provide you with a prioritised 12-month SEO strategy document that we can then either implement on your behalf, or you can share it with an SEO agency of your choice.  An in-depth SEO audit is ideal for those wanting a health-check on their current SEO campaign, or for those not sure whether or not SEO is the right digital marketing strategy to invest in.

Keyword Research

Discover which words and phrases your potential customers are searching for. With superior research, we help you target the right terms to reach a pertinent audience who are genuinely interested in what you offer.

On-Page SEO

From your page titles to your content, we ensure everything’s optimised. Our team ensures your website speaks the language of search engines, making it easier for them to understand and rank your site.

Off-Page SEO

Beyond your website, SEO involves building trust and authority. We help you get quality backlinks, enhancing your site’s reputation and ranking potential.

Local SEO

Manchester is a vibrant city, knit together by locals who aim to defy the odds, and local businesses have unique needs. We ensure your business is found by local customers, boosting your visibility on maps and local search results.

Performance Monitoring

SEO isn’t a one-time task. We regularly monitor your site’s SEO performance, ensuring it stays at the top and adapting to any changes in the search landscape.  We also provide you with access to an online dashboard that tracks keyword rankings daily, audits your website’s technical SEO, monitors backlinks, and much more.

Content Creation

Quality content is the backbone of SEO. Our team generates engaging, relevant, and optimised content that not only appeals to search engines but resonates with your target audience.  Feedback from clients is that our content is as high or better quality than they could write themselves – thanks to the time we take to get to know our client’s businesses in detail.

Technical SEO

Behind the scenes, we’ll fine-tune your site’s technical elements. We fix technical SEO errors such as duplicate content, broken links, and schema; and we also enhance page load speeds to improve Core Web Vital scores, optimise for mobile optimisation, and generally ensure your website is in peak condition for both human users and search engines.

Competitor SEO Analysis

We analyse what your competitors are doing right (and wrong) within their SEO campaigns, providing you with a unique insight into your competition and therefore enabling you to carve out a focussed dominant position in your market.  By analysing the top 5 or 10 websites ranking for any of your target search terms, we can make sure we’re not overlooking any SEO strategies that are working well for top ranking competitors.

Free Online SEO Audits

If you would like help analysing a specific page of your website, try the free SEO tool below.  This analyses your page in relation to a specific keyword, and gives you a comprehensive SEO report highlighting any issues and recommended solutions, in just a few minutes.

This online tool is limited to 5 per day, so if you can’t see it below, please get in touch with our team, who will be able to run a free SEO audit manually for you, and send it to you via email.

SEO in Mancehster

Why UClimb

The only constant in SEO is change. Search engines frequently update their algorithms, so to keep up to speed, we modify our approach accordingly.

That said, the overall aim of search engines like Google to rank websites based on relevance and quality doesn’t change, just the factors that they use to assess that.

To keep you ahead on the SERPs, we keep up to date with Google’s latest guidance on search essentials, and use evergreen trustworthy SEO techniques that are not ‘black hat’ or regarded as spam by Google.

Here are 5 key reasons why Manchester businesses choose UClimb as their preferred SEO agency:

  1. Locally Based:  Our central Manchester address is a convenient place for clients across the North West of England to meet us.
  2. Expertise: We’re always learning from thought-leaders in the SEO space, and scientifically testing our SEO techniques before introducing them into our unique blend of SEO methodology.
  3. 100% Ethical Practices:  A key core value at UClimb is to use only ethical SEO methods. Techniques which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (Google Search Essentials) are avoided by our team.
  4. Customised Strategy:  At UClimb, the paramount driving factor is that no two businesses are the same, therefore neither should their SEO strategies be. Our widely respected team focus on tailoring approaches to your brand, ensuring you not only stand out in the crowd, but become a leader in your industry sector.
  5. Reviews and Results:  View our Google reviews, Tech Behemoths reviews, Clutch reviews, and Design Rush reviews, to see how we rate with our clients.  As you can see on these reviews, one of the main reasons our clients choose us is the focus on results.
  6. No Long Term Contracts:  We don’t tie you into a long term contract, but instead strive to retain your business with a combination of great results, customer service, and clear communication.
  7. Transparent Process:  Clear communication, regular reporting, and tangible metrics ensure you’re never in the dark about your SEO progress.  After initial analysis into what’s possible, commit to ranking you for carefully chosen search keywords within an agreed timeframe and review and report on progress against goals at least once a month – as close as it gets to guaranteed SEO.
  8. Multiple Award-Winning Agency:  See below some of the awards won by our hard-working team in recent years:
banner award 2023 22686 long

Key Benefits of SEO

  1. Visibility & Ranking: Manchester businesses can enjoy prime positions on search engine results pages.
  2. Increase Traffic: Drive more organic visitors to your website with high-quality, targeted SEO strategies.
  3. Boost Revenue: Elevate sales and growth by capturing audiences actively looking for your services.

Our Manchester Office:

While we serve clients all over the UK and globally via video meetings, sometimes nothing beats in-person chat over a cup of coffee to go-over your SEO project. We’re conveniently located right next to Manchester Piccadilly station in central Manchester.  Meetings are by appointment only.

Find Us On Google Maps:


Whilst SEO is our main focus, we offer a wide range of inbound digital marketing services, including Google Ads and Bing Ads management (PPC), Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), User Experience enhancements (UX), and more.

We are also passionate about designing e-commerce and lead-generating websites that load fast, look great and provide a top-class user experience.

Our experienced web developers can either fine-tune your existing website or else create a new highly optimised website from scratch, with SEO built-in to the design, not just an afterthought.

By choosing UClimb as your website designer, you can rest assured we will take a balanced approach, finding the overlap between great visual design, search engine optimised structure, conversion rate optimisation, and friction-free user experience.

SEO is still by far the best sales-generating marketing tactic we know of in 2022 and has a better ROI in our experience than PPC advertising and offline marketing activities.

We speak to most clients at least monthly to check on how our results are contributing to their broader company-wide sale and marketing strategy, and can honestly say we have yet to find any digital marketing that gives a better return on investment so consistently, compared to SEO.

That said, SEO definitely works better in some industries than others, and a broad generalisation would be that it works best in either specialist B2B or in any B2C scenario. If you are selling widely-available commodity products to businesses, most of your target customers will probably know of several potential good suppliers already, and therefore are less likely to do a Google search for your product or service, compared with if you were selling something less readily available. See our blog The Disadvantages and Advantages of SEO for further commentary on this topic.

There is a lot of noise out there around what kinds of marketing work best in 2023. We suspect that if someone tells you categorically that SEO doesn’t work in 2023, it’s because either a) they’ve not seen what amazing results come from top-of-first-page rankings because they normally rank clients much lower down, or else b) they don’t specialise in SEO so are trying to push the areas they do specialise in.

AI such as ChatGPT is a great tool if used carefully and effectively – see our blog post on how to safely use ChatGPT for SEO (and how not to use it).

AI cannot completely replace traditional SEO techniques both for now and likely in the future – it can only assist.

SEO involves human competence in understanding user intent, adapting to algorithm changes, and creating quality content, thinking up fresh innovative ideas, and latching on to new and evolving trends.

Whilst AI can assist in data analysis and recommendation, human involvement remains essential if you want to get ahead, and avoid becoming a me-too entity.

SEO Help And Advice

Are you looking to do your SEO in house?  Or do you want to learn more about our SEO methods? 

See our SEO help guides – a selection of popular topics are shown below:

Manchester SEO Costs

In a thriving city like Manchester, SEO is more difficult than in less competitive parts of the UK. Unless you’re very niche in what you offer, you’ll find that many other companies are trying to outrank you organically for the same search keywords.

Some of your competitors may be based in Manchester, but some may be large national or global firms with a large SEO budget, that realise that Manchester is a thriving city, and are therefore paying an SEO agency lot of money to rank high for their products and services in Manchester.

But remember – only one company website can rank at the top spot on the search engines, and with enough focus and effort and expertise, that website can be yours.

Our team of experts have experience in ranking competitive keywords with over 10,000 searches per month in large cities like London and Manchester, or UK-wide.

When selecting an SEO agency for Manchester, focussing on the cost of the monthly fee is likely to lead you to a bad choice, because there’s no point paying a fee for months on end and never getting the results you want.

The cost to rank on page 1 of Google is low with us, because we get you there so fast, even though our monthly fee may be higher than your average Manchester SEO Company.

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