Google Search Console vs Google Analytics (GA4)

A comparison guide on when and how to use Search Console and GA4 to enhance your digital strategy, giving an overview of their key differences, and what each tool is used for.

Data Tools For Digital Marketing

When it comes to the world of digital marketing and website management, data is king. However, when trying to optimise your website’s performance and understand your users better, navigating the world of digital analytics can feel confusing, especially with so many tools available to choose from.

Two free tools stand out due to their functionality and the comprehensive data they offer. These two vital tools at the helm of any online enterprise are Google Search Console and Google Analytics, the latter recently updated from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

These two platforms might seem to offer overlapping services, but they serve distinct purposes. If you’re a website owner or a digital marketer, it’s crucial to know the differences to effectively monitor and optimise your digital marketing. 

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GA4 and Search Console Comparison

Let’s begin to explain what the two platforms, Google Search Console and Google Analytics (GA4), are all about.

Exploring the features, advantages, and differences between these two indispensable tools, should help to give you a better understanding of the elements that are available over both platforms and what may fit your specific requirements best.

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Google Search Console

Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Search Console is a free tool, primarily designed to monitor your website’s presence in Google Search results. This allows website owners to understand how their website is performing on Google’s search engine and to troubleshoot and analyse a website’s search performance.

Google Search Console: Your Website’s Health Check

Google Search Console offers insights into organic search traffic, indexation status, technical website issues, and much more. To conclude, it provides you with reports about how Google’s search engine sees your website. It gives insights into:

  1. Search Queries: Know the queries that led users to your website and their positions in the search results.
  2. Indexing: Understand how your pages are indexed and whether any issues are preventing them from appearing in search results.
  3. Mobile Usability: Assess how well your website performs on mobile devices.
  4. Links: Identify websites that link to you, and the internal link structure of your site.


  1. Error Detection: It highlights any issues such as 404 errors or problems related to structured data.
  2. Organic Performance: Helps in understanding the organic search performance.
  3. Free of Charge: It’s entirely free to use.

Google Analytics, specifically its latest version GA4, is also a free tool but focuses on user behaviour. It tracks how visitors interact with your website, identifying where they come from, what pages they visit, and what actions they take. Think of Google Analytics as a CCTV camera for your digital property, tracking visitor activity in real-time as well as historically.

Google Analytics: Your Website’s Report Card

Google Analytics, particularly its latest version GA4, is a more comprehensive tool. It gives you the lowdown on who is visiting your site, what they’re doing, and how they got there in the first place. It helps you understand:

  1. Audience Demographics: Know the age, gender, and location of your users.
  2. User Behaviour: Understand user interaction with your website— which pages are visited most, how long they stay, etc.
  3. Traffic Sources: Identify the channels driving traffic, be it organic search, social media, or direct visits.
  4. Events and Conversions: Track specific actions users take on your website.


  1. Data Depth: Offers a deep dive into user behaviour and interactions.
  2. Customisation: You can tailor reports to fit your specific needs.
  3. Long-Term Data: Historical data can be stored for a long time, offering trend analysis.
  4. Multi-Platform Integration: Easily integrates with other Google services like Google Ads.

Key Differences:

Purpose, Focus & Functionality

  • Search Console: Primarily focuses on search engine performance, including rankings, organic search traffic, and visibility.
  • Google Analytics: Centres on user behaviour, providing detailed statistics on user engagement, source of traffic, and conversions.

User Intent

  • Search Console: Reveals what keywords users are searching for to find your site.
  • Google Analytics: Goes beyond keywords to show what users do once they arrive at your site.


  • Search Console: More straightforward and easier to use for beginners who are focused solely on organic search performance.
  • Google Analytics: Has a steeper learning curve but offers more comprehensive, nuanced insights and is better suited for those aiming to understand the bigger picture.

Data Source

  • Search Console: Focused on how Google’s search engine interacts with your site.
  • Google Analytics: Focuses on user interaction, gathering data through code snippets embedded in the site.

Data Complexity

  • Search Console: Provides simpler, straightforward metrics.
  • Google Analytics: Offers intricate data, allowing more complex analysis

Data Types

  • Search Console: Provides data on search queries, click-through rates, impressions, and indexing issues.
  • Google Analytics: Offers data on real-time visitors, page views, user demographics, and conversion metrics like goals or transactions.

Platform Cost

  • Search Console: Free.
  • Google Analytics: Free for the basic version, but the advanced version comes with a cost.

Which Should You Use?

The answer depends on what you want to achieve.

  • If you’re concerned solely with how your website is performing on Google’s search engine, then Google Search Console will offer the insights you need.
  • If you’re interested in how users behave on your site, what draws them in, and what encourages them to convert, then GA4 will be more suited to your needs.

How They Complement Each Other

Despite their differences, Google Search Console and GA4 can and should be used in conjunction to create a holistic digital strategy. Here’s how:

  1. SEO Optimisation: Search Console helps identify top-performing keywords. You can then track how these keywords impact user behaviour in GA4.
  2. Technical Audits: While Search Console will notify you of indexing issues or mobile usability problems, GA4 can reveal how these issues affect user experience and bounce rates.
  3. Content Strategy: Both tools can help you understand what content attracts users. Search Console shows what users searched for to find your content, and GA4 can show you how they interacted with it.


Both Google Search Console and Google Analytics (GA4) serve distinct, yet complementary, roles in website management and digital marketing. Search Console is invaluable for understanding how your website appears in Google Search and for identifying areas that need improvement. On the other hand, Google Analytics (GA4) offers a comprehensive view of your website’s performance and user behaviour, allowing for a more nuanced strategy.

For a holistic approach to website performance analysis, implementing both tools is not just advisable, but almost essential. These tools offer different lenses through which you can understand your digital presence and view your website’s performance.

So, wherever you fit on the scale of digital knowledge, understanding the capabilities and differences of Google Search Console and Google Analytics (GA4) is essential.

By leveraging the unique strengths of each to create a comprehensive, data-driven strategy for online success, they provide a fuller picture that can guide your online strategy effectively.


Google Universal Analytics ceased on July 1st, 2023.

N.B. Though data logged will remain accessible for 6 months, no new data will be processed. 

Google Universal Analytics (GA Universal) is directly replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

You can find many articles to help you with understanding the differences between GA Universal and GA4. This article further assists you by comparing two current well-known platforms for you to ascertain what will be the best fit for your unique needs.

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